New Beginning

new beginningIt’s been very long since the last time I wrote you. This is due to a big change in my life. I followed my beloved partner in Sweden where he’s studying. So one of the first things that I pleasantly undertook was the decoration of our home. It is a really small one but this doesn’t mean it’s lacking in taste.

The first thing I tried to do was to be inspired by the Scandinavian look. I used natural materials as wool and wood for coziness and warm textures due to the cold weather. I also chose lights and soft colours to reflect as much light as possible because of the lack of natural light due to the long winters with short days. Finally, I bought furniture with functionality and subtle curves.

As I said in the beginning our apartment is small enough and it hasn’t a room for every activity or separate areas. For this reason I had to buy multipurpose furniture. So I made our bedroom be also our living room (and vice versa). I chose a corner sofa bed which has a storage space under the chaise longue.  Moreover, I used a chest as a coffee table, so it can also function as storage.

Then I looked around for areas that weren’t being used. I had an empty corner in the living room/bedroom and was a perfect spot for a corner bookshelf to hold our books and my boxes. Also, behind the door is another great forgotten space, so I added a clothe rack and a shoe cabinet.

To make our window appear larger I hung the curtain rods six inches beyond each side of the window frame and I put a small row of plants and a table lamp placed on top of a dresser.

On the sofa, I put a group of pillows and a throw to create a sophisticated, worldly look.

Finally, I used a mix of mat and metallic decorative accessories to reflect light and add depth and dimension. From metallics.. I chose my favourite copper and I decorated the walls with art and the latest trend the marquee letter light. It is incredibly versatile and create a show-stopping, eye-catching addition and a vintage aesthetic in the room.