Yesterday, it was my first time that I tasted one of the most traditional Swedish pastries, "semla" (plural-semlor). It's made out of a wheat flour bun seasoned with cardamom, filled with almond paste and whipped cream. Traditionally they're eaten on "Fat Tuesday" (the last day before the lenten fast) but nowadays you can find them in pretty much any café or bakery in Sweden from new … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown New Collection

bobbi brown glow collection

Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite beauty brand! With a big variety of products, colours, textures and books makes the process of makeup a piece of cake. Always I feel thrilled when I see her new collection and once more the  "Bobbi Glow Collection"exceeded my expectations. This collection simplify the strobing. After contouring, strobing is the latest beauty trend, a makeup technique that … [Read more...]

Stylish Looks for Winter..


Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't have as super chic and not boring look as you did during the warmer months—and look just as stylish! In fact, when the chill of winter comes its all about layering, wearing jackets, cardigans and scarves in ways that are sexy, not bulky.  Beautiful cashmere, oversized, wool, sweaters Big cozy scarves, knee-high wool socks, hats, … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Cake


2016 has arrived! The first Monday of 2016 is here and I have a good recipe for you! In Greece we called "vasilopita" or to the other countries New Year's Eve Cake. Ingredients 1 cup butter 1 3/4 cups sugar 4 eggs 3 1/2 cups self-rising flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup yogurt 1/2 cup almonds 1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder 2oo grams white chocolate … [Read more...]

New Beginning

new beginning

It's been very long since the last time I wrote you. This is due to a big change in my life. I followed my beloved partner in Sweden where he's studying. So one of the first things that I pleasantly undertook was the decoration of our home. It is a really small one but this doesn't mean it's lacking in taste. The first thing I tried to do was to be inspired by the Scandinavian look. I used … [Read more...]

Chocolate Carrot Cake

chocolate carrot cake

This is the ultimate dessert for chocolate lovers and those who love carrot cake. It’s intense, rich, and looks fancy when it’s actually easy to make.  This cake due to the carrot does not dry and keeps its moisture even on the third day. Inspired? Read on and make one tonight. Because with chocolate cake recipe like this, you can't go wrong! Ingredients 1 cup finely shredded carrots 1 … [Read more...]

Skincare Routine

skin care routine

I know that the daily skincare routine is a little boring but if you put it in schedule every day and every night you will see impressive results in your skin. So I summed up the only skin care guide you will ever need! Morning Steps Wash your face using a facial cleansing brush with a mild cleanser. The facial brush cleans effectively and acts under the skin's surface. Also, tightening pores … [Read more...]

Make your office prettier

work place 5

You probably spend more time at your home office than anywhere else. Long days and night are a very tired thing but adding some style into your workplace will definitely enhance things. So keep scrolling for chic and stylish ways to organize your office. Αdd some inspiration to your desk with a gallery style wall. Put a luxe lighting, go for glamour by a white or brass lamp on your … [Read more...]

Home Spa Treatments

home spa treatments

      The last week I tried to collect all my favourite home spa treatments. I do them to give myself some times of luxury without spending a lot of money and time! I present you the first three and you will discover how simple will be to make them at home. Lip Scrub: You will need one tablespoon of pure coconut oil, one tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of … [Read more...]

Golden Skin with Shimmering Body Oils

Shimmering Body Oils

The best shimmering body oils for all budgets is here and parading for us. With the first application everyone will think the caress of the sun has embraced your body! They shine on our skin, put a sexy golden hue and highlighting our tan. Simultaneously, they emit exotic fragrances which travel us to paradise beaches ... When summer approaches, the body oils are absolute must . Besides, they … [Read more...]